Grass Fed/Finished Beef & Lamb

Randall Lineback


Randall Cattle are one of America's most endangered Heritage breeds, we have had the pleasure of acquiring ours directly from Cynthia Creech.  She is a fascinating person and her story is one worth reading .  Help us do our part in conservation of the breed by supporting our small farm.   

Katahdin Lamb


 Katahdin are hardy, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses. The breed is ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage based management systems.  We process at approximately 10 months of age for a premium petite lamb that is very mild in flavor and extremely tender.  

Health Benefits


Read up on the difference of health benefits in the attached link



Labor of Love:  a task done for pleasure, not reward.  We like to think it can be both.



Little, a Katahdin Ewe that we have raised since birth.


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